The government must allocate more funds for primary education

Agree: Yes. Our primary education system needs an immediate revamp to attract more children to school. This can only be done if we provide better facilities to schools along with better infrastructure. We could at least provide the basic facilities, then we will be able to attract more children to school. This would not just increase the literacy rate, it will also lay a solid foundation for adequate revamps in middle and secondary education, which generally experiences the highest dropouts, especially among girls, due to lack of basic toilet and sanitation facilities. Therefore, the government should allocate more funds to address the dismal primary education system and train teachers to be good providers of education to children.

Disagree: No. The flow of funds to the primary education system is mired in corruption. The funds don’t get utilised properly. It is evident from the current state of primary schools across rural India, where children don’t even have basic sanitation facilities. Plus, the local authorities are doing their best to add salt to the wounds. Teacher absenteeism and inefficient teachers are common problems in most schools. So, the government should first try to streamline the primary education system and make it more efficient and accountable. All local bodies should take collective responsibility to run and maintain a school. Once the groundwork is properly done, then the government can think of allocating fresh funds to primary education.

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