Are an increasing number of mobile network towers near residential areas harmful?

Agree: Yes. Mobile network towers should not be constructed in nearby residential areas. Approximately 45% of the mobiles towers are illegal and emit higher electromagnetic radiations than the permissible limit. Exposure to these radiations can cause headache, fatigue, memory loss, sleep disorders, cardiovascular problems, skin diseases, joint pain, hearing issues and depression. Prolonged exposure to these harmful radiations can even cause cancer. Besides, higher radiations are also harmful to the local fauna, as the natural electro-magnetic natural sensors within birds become affected, greatly affecting their ability to find their route in flight.

Disagree: No. The EMF or Electromagnetic Field Radiation norms of the government of India are far stringent than those of other countries. Therefore, radiation of lesser intensity gets emitted, which has a negligible effect on humans. Moreover, the government carries out audits periodically to ensure that companies follow public safety radiation norms. Therefore, these negligible radiations do not cause any health problems, including cancer, among people living near these mobile towers. The government also levies heavy fines and ensures strict punishment for mobile companies involved in the illegal construction of mobile towers. Moreover, the vision of digital India will remain a distant dream if individuals do not have easy access to data and the internet.

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