Air India must be privatized.

Agree: Yes. Air India has been a terrible underperformer for decades. It is the most money guzzling thorn in the Indian government’s crown. It swallows tonnes of government capital giving not much in return. The only advantage it has is that it helps to salvage people from war-torn countries. It has little to no merit in being called the national carrier. Offering an ethnic service, most often it runs late, thanks to the numerous ministers and dignitaries who frequent its services, delaying them incessantly. Picture this: Air India is the only Indian carrier that flies to most international destinations and has the maximum domestic services. Still, it has not been able to mint out any profits. Its perineal losses have become a huge burden of the government and the reserves of the nation. Therefore, it is time now that the government looks to privatize the national carrier.

Disagree: No. It should not yet be privatised by the government. Despite its several setbacks, it is still the most affordable carrier in India for international travel. Plus, it has the highest fleet connecting the most nations around the globe. This makes it the preferred go-to carrier for middle-class Indians for international travel. Despite the huge financial losses it has been incurring, due to government intervention, it is still able to fulfil the foreign travel needs of many, which would no longer be possible if it got privatised. Nevertheless, the previous attempts by the government to invite bids for privatization hardly enticed any positive response from the aviation titans around the world owing to its stringent agreement terms and conditions. Moreover, oil prices are experiencing a sharp decline. This could ease off some financial burden for the carrier. And, maybe things could become bright again.

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