Living in peace & not in pieces!

The meaning of life can be beautifully explained in just three words: Either it can be “Rest in peace”, the one that the cowards usually prefer to use after demise of their loved ones or it can be “Live in Peace”, the one that can be actually breathed to the fullest while we are still alive.

          People usually obscure themselves between Resting in Peace and Living in Peace. Those who have higher self-esteem and possess a crystal clear outlook towards life believe in Living in Peace.

          Speaking from the depth of my heart, I personally have faith in Living in peace. This is because Homo-sapiens get life only once, so why waste life in living in pieces. One must make the most of the time and make the maximum utilization possible, cause as the Chinese Proverb says, “The Cat may have nine lives, but the man has only one!” As life is lived only once, why not make ourselves happy and then make our surroundings happy too?

          I would love to describe my readers a beautiful short story that would enlighten you with the three magical words and those are: “Live in Peace”

There was this young girl travelling in an airplane. It so happened that due to the outside weather, the airplane started stumbling. Everyone except this girl was worried. This young girl was peacefully reading a novel. When asked by the one sitting beside her that why wasn’t she afraid.

She just said these beautiful words that brought tears into my eyes, “I trust my DAD!”

Guess what? The pilot was her Dad.

Just a small advice here: Trust no one but your parents. They’ll scold you or hit you but would never want that something wrong should happen to you. They are your true living God. Trust them. Worship them. Take Care of them. They need you as much as you need them!

So, Live in Peace and Keep Reading!

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