India is said to one of the most populated countries after China and is thus ranked second in terms of population. While population goes on increasing so does poverty increase too in an ever developing country like India. 

Let’s invest some time in studying the great ironies in India. Like one such Hypocritical practice that is very common around us is where length of the clothes decide the character of a girl. The reason for it to be hypocrisy is because women all across the country still get molested no matter what kind of clothes they are wearing or what age they are! On the other hand Indian moms want their daughter to control their husbands and expect their sons to control their wives.

Most importantly, Irony is that Indians are very shy and still are 121 crore where you can piss in public, but not kiss in public.

Parents want their children to stand out in a crowd but expect them to do what ‘Sharmaji ka beta’ is doing!  Similarly, most people who fight over the Gita and the Quran have probably never read either book.

The greatest ironies in India is that there is no food to offer to a beggar, but a plenty of food to offer to the Gods where A black cat crossing the road can stop people, what a traffic signal can’t do.

On Indian roads seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe. Likewise everything that is run by Government looks very bad, except Government Jobs where reserved people get more benefit than the deserving people.  And the schools teaches us there is no caste, still asks for community certificate.

Indian society teaches ‘Not to get raped’, rather than ‘Don’t Rape’. A porn-star is accepted in society as a celebrity, but a Rape victim is not even accepted as a normal human being.

Traffic rules are as useless as Vice Principals’ in school where they say, ‘Be you’ and then, they will judge you for being ‘YOU’

In India you do not caste your votes, you vote your caste. Dustbins are as cleanest places that you can find across places in India. Likewise, we are always in a hurry but never on time. PERIOD! And the most interesting one of all is that it’s dangerous to talk to strangers, but it’s perfectly okay to marry a stranger in India.

Jago Deshwasiyo Jago!

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