Making Career choices is an extremely difficult task. It is only once when we step into one profession that we realize that, have not we done this, I might have had better career choices. Well, if you are here to find a motivation behind how to find out a better option for your own self or your child, you have landed up on to the best place. So set back, relax, and read till the end!

Let’s take an example here. Suppose Ram wants to get a decent job with a handsome salary. He is still in his 8th standard studying in a state-board school. He wishes to get into IIT and be an Aeronautical Engineer in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

          Ram is an average student in his class but a smart worker. He desires to get into IIT and get into ISRO. Now, in his state-board exams his score is below 60%. Still his parents supported him and to fulfil his wishes, they relocated themselves from a village to a metro city.

Now, there is a twist in the story. After relocating to a metro city, Ram got all information on his smartphone and without wasting much time he started preparing his self-notes, all online.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, also known as GATE among Engineers is an entrance exam to get admitted to the top-notch universities also known as IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology). It is an Entrance Exam to get into Masters in Technology, also known as M.Tech. Within 2 years he groomed himself with online exams with test papers and what not! And the result was mind blowing. Ram cracked his exam with flying colours with all his dedication and smart-work.

Ram then became one of the best you-tubers online where he teaches the students how to crack the GATE exam and also how to tackle the exam atmosphere. He thus got recognized, and acquired a job in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) plus earning handsome salary too.

                                                           ‘Life is all about how you handle Plan B’

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