Why most of the companies hire experienced candidates over freshers?

Mostly companies have two kinds of vacancies one is for freshers and other is for experienced candidates. Senior positions are available for experienced candidates while creative positions are for freshers. Hiring experienced candidates over freshers is preferable as various benefits associated with.

Then major concern for freshers is where to start from? and how to reach the target job? Looking for job and not getting it just because of no experience. Yes, experience counts but from where to take this?Who will give chance?

Difference between experienced and fresher candidates.

Companies always choose skilled person for the particular position. Candidate must generate value for the money whether he is experience or freshers. Payment for the freshers is not less but as they have less skills so, they are paid less. If experienced candidate has low ability and low learning power then he might be earning same as freshers. One person is reaching 5 lakh per annum at the age of 30 and other many get same on the 40 in the same field and position.

Freshers are available in larger numbers. Each year one batch is come out with a various degrees. They become freshers now. If some of previous batch freshers are not employed then they are also in search for jobs with this new batch. While experienced candidates are stable and targeted to one company only. Their switching over rate is low. Only in some cases when atmosphere is not suitable or increment issues. Otherwise they stick to one company. so, another company in the same field does not get chance to hire that experienced candidate. This is indirect opportunity cost for the company.

Moreover large reputed companies have huge job openings for freshers while very few vacancies for experienced candidates. so, If freshers are being hired then employment ratio will become stable. As many freshers as many job openings.

clients always asked for experience employee to handle the project. But they have to check whether this experience is useful for the project or not? Sometimes, experienced employees are rigid with the prescribe methodolology. If companies change it then they cannot adjust with it and turnover rate increases. Companies are doing this deliberately to turnoff them. They want to hire freshers who adjust with change.Experience is not a key for good work. When any project allocated in the company it is based on knowledge, skills and handling capacity of the employee. It is not based on years of experience that he have.

For an instance, when Apple had launched iphone, most of the developers who had made it they not have any experience of mobile technology or even touch screen device. Yet they have done it.

If freshers are hired for the job then company can denote any task. For an example if fresher is selected in the I.T. company then he may be allocated in HTML department or developing department for temporary time being but this would not in case of experienced candidate.

Fresh blood is more is more idealistic rather than realistic. Experienced candidates have practical knowledge which cannot taken for granted. companies want productive work from day 1.Many companies are ready to pay higher but they do not have time to conduct training for freshers.

Many experienced employees want to work after retirement also. It is not the freshers and experiences people it is of energy present in mind. which may be present in experienced one while not in fresher.

Further more experienced candidate can handle politics in the company and able to sustain their job. While freshers are not able to sustain against politics in the company. So, turnover rate of freshers will be high.

Age discrimination should not be practice in the company. Knowledge and skills must be the base for hiring.

Experienced candidate can perform the role of mentor for freshers. They can guide freshers very well. So, ratio of experienced candidates and freshers should be maintained properly.

Nowadays quality of education is deteriorating day-by-day. Poor quality of education provides only bookish knowledge practical aspects is always missing now. It is also the reason for less chances for freshers. USP is missing.

Hiring is a process where manager decide that the requirement for the job has arising. They will idealize the knowledge of preferred candidate based on experience. So, they make imaginary profile of candidate. But he might get wrong in assumption of knowledge based on experience. It is differ from candidate to candidate. So, ultimately they will select from the applicants which one have potential to successfully complete the job.

Do you know that most of the companies are spending 70% of operation cost on hiring “Qualified workforce.” The right fit of the particular candidate is important for the company. Selection of the Ideal workforce would result in high growth of the company.

Various important reasons to hire freshers in the company.

(A) Easy to mold:

There is saying “Freshers are better than laterals.”Freshers have enthusiasm, craving for success and want to achieve wonders in work. So, company can achieve their goals indirectly. They are like clean slate. They only have knowledge of what is taught in school and college. This will have benefit for the organization that they mold them the way they want. companies can shape the pot as their structure. they accept the learning as newly born baby. Hench it will be benefit for the company and for the environment of the company.

(B) Quick learner:

Freshers have enthusiasm to learn new tactics of work. They do not have prescribe methodology of work. They will ready to learn whichever the organization serves to them. They have completed their studied in past near future so they have good grasping power. They will learn faster and retain them in memory. The ultimately quickness is good result for company.

(C) Less remunerations:

Freshers do not have benchmark of previous work salary. They will accept the offer of the company. Companies does not have to provide giant salary to freshers. They will ready to work happily in the standard market rate. Hence overall operating cost decline in the company.

(D) Risk takers:

Freshers are high risk takers as they have less to lose. They want to make their future bright. So, they might be ready for company bonds, contracts, conditions.

(E) Lower down unemployment rate:

As more and more companies are ready to hire freshers then unemployment rate will go down and it will be beneficial for our economy.

(F) Comfortable with latest technology:

Technology updating rate is high in India. so, freshers can easily adopt the latest technology and they can also teach others in the company so ultimately it is good for the company.

(G) Agility and flexibility:

Freshers can think fast and taking initiatives to successfully complete the task. They have excitement of trying new things. They adapt change rapidly. They are not rigid with any kind of methodology.

(H) Team players:

Most of the projects are completed with team work. Freshers are easily adjust with all the team members and co-operate with each other. They have learned various tactics of team work. Companies do not have to force them for participating. It comes natural to them.

(I) Innovative ideas:

Freshers comes with innovative minds. They can suggest new methodology of work which may be prove useful for the company.

(J) Long term assets:

Employees are living assets for the company. If they handled well they will achieve wonders for the company. Hiring young freshers has increased the chance of providing long term service to the company. As they have many more years to retirement.

So, these are the reasons for hiring freshers in the company.

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